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Roseland Sleep Halo Pocket 1500 Mattress

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  • More details about the Roseland Sleep Halo Pocket 1500 Mattress

    • A superior triple-foam layered, 23cm deep recyclable mattress with a 10-year guarantee.
    • Designed with innovative ViscoGel airflow & thermal technology and 5cm Revo cool foam technology offering excellent heat dissipation for cooler sleeping conditions. 
    • Features enhanced support with a 2cm layer of (1500) micro pocket springs & 2.5cm Neuform memory foam 
    • Easy care removable, washable cover.
    • National Bed Federation approved.
    • Rolled & Vacuum-Packed Free UK Delivery*

    Buying online should be a simple, worry-free process. That's why Roseland Sleep Halo Pocket 1500 mattresses are delivered in vacuum-packed packaging for convenient, hassle-free, and protected delivery. The beauty of a rolled-up mattress is that, because they're rolled and vacuum-packed, they're easy to transport and deliver.

    Upon receipt of your luxurious new mattress give 24 hours expansion time without walking or laying on the mattress for an optimal experience (6-8 hours minimum).

    Mattress Size Guide - Check Your Dimensions
     Height Width Length
    Single 23cm 90cm 190cm
    Small Double 23cm 120cm 190cm
    Double 23cm 135cm 190cm
    European Double 23cm 140cm 200cm
    King 23cm 150cm 200cm
    European King 23cm 160cm 200cm
    Super King 23cm 180cm 200cm

    Get a Cool & Comfy Night Sleep with ViscoGel

    ViscoGel features in our Halo Pocket 1500 mattress range, providing you with a sumptuous top layer for a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

    ViscoGel reacts quickly to body heat, allowing it to contour to your individual body shape to enhance circulation and help alleviate any aches and pains. ViscoGel’s unique heat transference technology features super-conductive Graphene, one of the latest materials to be used in mattress design. Graphene creates a pathway for body heat, allowing it to dissipate naturally as you rest, regardless of how much you move during sleep. This creates a more comfortable and ambient sleeping environment, night after night.

    ViscoGel Benefits:

    • Disperses body heat and moisture
    • Improved sleep hygiene
    • Helps alleviate aches and pains
    • Quality assurance and longevity
    • Complies with strict UK fire regulations

    A Healthier Sleep with Neuform Memory Foam

    Neuform Memory Foam has a strong cell structure that works to relieve body pressure and provides ultimate comfort from edge to edge.

    This mattress can offer valuable sleep support in a number of ways, such as enhancing circulation, equalizing pressure to relieve back problems, promote better spinal alignment, and reducing the effect of allergens for a fresher, healthier night's sleep.

    Improve Air Circulation with Revo Foam

    Revo foam is a revolutionary concept for a cooler sleep. The breathable foam material offers maximum support force through the use of highly resilient, high-density Revo foam technology.

    Revo improves the circulation of air, 30 times greater than a premium, leading, viscoelastic mattress, proven to wick moisture and dissipate heat away from the body for cooler, sounder sleeping conditions.

    1500 Micro Pocket Springs - Why Pocket Springs?

    Since pocket springs work independently from each other, pocket sprung mattresses support your body weight to a greater degree than an open coil spring system (also known as standard sprung). This body-reactive design can help you to feel more comfortable and well-supported as you sleep, offering even pressure distribution to reduce the risk of pressure point build-up.

    Micro pockets offer an advantage when they are used to compensate for the deeper comfort layers where large quantities of fibres are used. Because pocket springs are designed in a way where they are slightly compressed, they tend to retain their comfort and height much longer than fibres. This means they can add extra durability to your mattress. Allowing it to perform at its best for longer.

    Density/Firmness Rating - What's Best for You?

    Each type of mattress varies by comfort grade, from soft to very firm. Our density ratings (provided by the manufacturer) are to be used as a guide. Every comfort grade has its advantages and the right one for you depends on your personal preferences but also your favoured sleeping position.

    The Roseland Sleep Halo Pocket 1500 mattress is rated as Medium.

    Soft Offers the least resistance, providing a gentle support base, contouring to your natural body shape. Perfect for side sleepers.
    Medium Gentle support system, conforming to the shape of your body. Great if you sleep on your side or front.
    Firm Provides essential support to maintain natural spinal alignment. Ideal for back or front sleepers.
    Very Firm The very firm base provides optimum support for your back. Great for back sleepers.

    Our 10 Year Guarantee

    Roseland Sleep understands how important a good night's sleep is, and that a mattress is a long-term investment. Consumer trust is top of mind so all Roseland Sleep mattresses hold a 10-year guarantee against all manufacturing defects.

    Roseland reserve the right to return and inspect any faulty mattress before issuing a credit or replacement. Any credit issued will be a depreciating value of the sale price over the 10-year period.

    We Want You To Recycle

    These mattresses are 100% recyclable, on reaching end-of-life they are able to be collected and stripped down in full for recycling.

    Approved by the National Bed Federation

    The NBF ensures associated traders (like Roseland Sleep) offer real, trustworthy, quality mattresses. With the NBF Code of Conduct, Due Diligence Testing, Flammability Testing, and the Green Mattress Recycling Programme you can rest assured our mattresses are safe and ready to give you the best night's sleep.

    Delivery & Returns Statement

    Please note: Any unwanted mattress be unopened in its original packaging with seals intact. Returning unwanted opened mattresses will carry a £40 restocking fee. For more information please see our Returns Policy.

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      Foam Mattress
    • Delivery Method:
      Courier Service | 6-8 Working Days from Dispatch
    • Assembly:
      Mattress delivered boxed, rolled & vacuum packed. Simply unroll and allow at least 8 hours for expansion before use (preferably 24 hours).
  • Courier Service

    Delivery is by 1-man courier service; we advise to allow 6-8 working days for delivery. Delivery is to the door, if you require extra assistance why not upgrade to our enhanced 2-man service.

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