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Designing For Coastal Homes: Furniture Tips For Beachside Living

Designing For Coastal Homes: Furniture Tips For Beachside Living

Coastal furniture ideas for your beachside retreat

So many of us long to live by the sea – so if you’re already lucky enough to own or rent a hideaway on the coast, we’re very envious indeed! But decorating an oceanside home can be difficult. From making sure your furniture fits in with the seaside aesthetic to choosing materials and finishes that can put up with the harsher weather conditions, there’s a lot to think about. As a Cornish company born and bred, we know a thing or two about kitting out properties that are a stone’s throw away from the waves. We’ve drawn on our experience and heritage to provide you with simple yet effective advice on choosing coastal home furniture for your home.


Your room-by-room coastal furniture guide

Furniture that is light in colour and boasts natural textures and materials will be best suited to your beachside property – like the items found in our very own Cornish White range. But as well as showcasing your individualism and harmonising with your stunning seaside views, your coastal furniture needs to be practical and deliver maximum value to your space. Read on for room-specific coastal furniture ideas that will help you create a relaxing yet functional environment for the whole family to enjoy.

Coastal living room furniture ideas

Choose durable, easy to clean fabrics for your sofas, such as cotton, linen, and certain high-performance materials, as these will be best placed to withstand sandy feet and the harsher sea air. Slipcovered sofas are a popular choice for their simple maintenance and relaxed look. Wooden coffee tables, and especially those made from reclaimed wood, will bring a rustic charm to your design. Go for glass-topped furniture to keep the room feeling open and airy. Your artwork can make or break the look and feel of your living room. Nautically inspired prints and paintings will help to bring the outside in, but unless you’re deliberately going for a striking aesthetic, your pictures should never be bold enough to detract from the beautiful views nearby.

Farrow Oak Coffee Table from Roseland Furniture

Farrow Oak Coffee Table

Coastal dining room furniture ideas

When it comes to choosing dining room furniture for your coastal home, the trick is to avoid finishes that are too ‘perfect’. Distressed, weathered items made from woods such as oak and pine will often complement the coastal theme more than contemporary style tables and chairs, which can look out of place in such a nature-inspired environment. You can experiment with the upholstery on your seating to add interesting visuals – and why not try bench seating for a more casual and versatile dining experience?

Penzance Sage Cross Leg Bench with Beige Cushion from Roseland Furniture

Penzance Cross Leg Extending Dining Table

Coastal bedroom furniture ideas

Woven materials like rattan or wicker will embody the coastal theme in your bedroom, while headboards in wooden or pastel-coloured finishes will help to keep things light. Always choose breathable fabrics for your bedding so you can stay cool in the height of summer, then layer up in the winter with textured pillows and throws with nature-inspired patterns. You’ll find plenty of cushions to complement your seaside setting in our latest collection. As ever, built-in storage can help to keep your bedroom clutter-free. Consider Ottoman beds, dressing tables with plenty of drawer space, and built-in shelving to hide all those handy bits and bobs and sentimental items that don’t need to be permanently on display.

Penrose bedroom

Penrose Bedside Table

The best outdoor furniture for coastal properties

Obviously, part of the reason you moved by the sea is because you want to spend more time outdoors, so you want your garden’s dining set to look the part. However, it’s also important that your outdoor furniture is as durable as can be, as it will need to be hard-wearing enough to withstand life on the coast. (More on this later.) Invest in a parasol with a robust base to make sure it can withstand those ocean breezes. For even more protection, consider installing a pop-up gazebo, which can help shelter your al fresco dining setup from the rain and the wind. Evenings can get a little chilly by the sea, so keep you and your guests warm by accessorising your garden with outdoor rugs, industrial-style lanterns, and even fire pits and bowls that will double up as head-turning design features. Swing seats and benches are also a fun addition – the kids will love them as much as the adults!

Maze Oslo Grey Outdoor Corner Group with Rectangular Fire Pit Table

Maze Oslo Corner Group With Rectangular Fire Pit Table

Practical furniture considerations for homes by the sea

Living by the sea will naturally expose your coastal home furniture to unique challenges. For example, the increased salt in the air can cause corrosion and rust on the metal components of outdoor furniture, so you’ll need to bear this in mind when investing in dining sets, lounge chairs, sofas, and other garden must-haves.

• Materials like teak, aluminium, synthetic (not natural) wicker, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are ideal for withstanding the elements. Wrought iron and injection-moulded plastic items will perform well for a while but may need to be replaced or repaired faster. Wooden furniture will certainly match the coastal vibe, but it can be prone to wear and will need to be regularly re-stained and resealed, so bear this in mind when choosing timber frame styles.

• Higher moisture levels will create the perfect environment for mould and mildew growth, which means any cushions, upholstered items, and even timber furniture could be at risk of damage. Make sure you bring these items indoors after use.

• Beware the coastal winds, too! Choose sturdy furniture where possible – but if you must go for more lightweight options, make sure your chairs, sofas, tables, and other accessories are securely fastened when they are not in use, particularly during the colder months when the weather is at its most ruthless.

• Invest in quality furniture covers to keep your items protected when they’re not in use. We supply a range of heavy duty options in varying sizes and colours.

However you choose to decorate and furnish your coastal sanctuary, you’ll find plenty of unique design ideas and must-have items at Roseland Furniture.

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