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Furnishing Your Holiday Let

Furnishing Your Holiday Let

Create a Holiday to Remember with Our Guide to Creating the Dream Holiday Home

The staycation is well and truly here to stay and whether you rent your property out via online services such as Airbnb or use a more traditional agency, the furnishing of your holiday property is key to getting those bookings in as well as ensuring your guests have a memorable stay and book again for next year! We’ve put together some of our top tips to make sure your holiday home looks its very best and ensures your guests have a memorable break.

Pick a style that suits your location

It may sound obvious, but the style of your holiday let should reflect its location - guests staying a stone’s throw from the sand dunes in North Cornwall won’t expect to be staying in a Brooklyn styled loft apartment. Similarly, if your property is in an apartment block in the centre of a bustling city, rustic oak dressers and sideboards might not be the way to go.

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Comfy is key

Your guests are looking to relax and you need to help facilitate that with your choice of furniture! A good sofa is a must and don’t overlook the importance of the beds. King size beds are a real winner if your space will allow for it.

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Choose the right budget for your target guests

Will your guests be on a budget or blowing the budget? It’s important that your furnishings reflect this. If you’re aiming your property at the lower end of the market, keep it simple. Functional furniture that looks great but won’t break the bank is the goal. Our Farrow painted range could be perfect.

If you’re pitching your home at the top end of the market, you should certainly be thinking of some more lavish furnishings – guests will be expecting quality and may be disappointed if the reality doesn’t live up to the expectations. Our Mobel Oak range strikes a great balance between contemporary and traditional and the quality is perfect for high-end homes.

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Think durability

It’s an annoying reality that many guests simply won’t treat the property as they would their own home. Whether it’s drinks on a coffee table without a coaster or over-enthusiastic colouring in leading to crayon marks on the dining table, you should be prepared for the odd mishap. Choosing furniture which is of the right quality and durability is key. Lacquered oak or painted furniture, for example, might be a good choice due to its ease of cleaning. Sturdy furniture is more likely to withstand the odd bump – drawers with dovetail joints are a great choice.

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Stick with Neutral

You may be a fan of shocking pink, but the chances are your potential guests won’t be. It’s vital that your property will appeal to as broad a range of people as possible - resist the temptation to throw too much of your own personality in there and keep things reasonably neutral. That’s not to say you can’t have a stunning feature wall in the living space or bedroom – just make sure it’s offset with some more neutral tones and doesn’t dominate the home.

Keep it photogenic

Your guests' experience begins the moment they look at a photo of your property - make sure your choice of interior looks fantastic through a lens! Rooms should look spacious, inviting and uncluttered. Keep ornaments and knick-knacks to a minimum and ensure they complement each other.

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