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Making the Most of Your Hallway

Making the Most of Your Hallway

Make an Entrance! Ensure Your Hallway Makes a Great First Impression 

Our hallways, porches and entryways get a lot of footfall... they're the start and end of the commute, trips to the shops, dog walks, playground visits, the school run and a million other things. Yet it's often the last room we get to when we plan our interiors. We've put our thinking caps on and come up with some bright ideas to help you make the most of this often-overlooked space!

Make Your Hallway Welcoming

Welcome Door Mat

Your hallway is the first place you step foot when you return home after a long day at work and it's the first place guests will see. It should be a warm and welcoming space. 

Think about your choice of colour for the walls. Light colours are great if you want to create a bright, airy and inviting space. Rich colours can feel warm and opulent creating a cosy and comforting ambience to come home to. 

Plants are also a great way to make a space feel homely - just remember that hallways can be short of natural light so choose plants that are right for the amount of daylight in the space.

Hallway Storage is Key

It's a part of the house that is often used as a dumping ground - whether it's coats, keys, dog leads or shoes, clutter can easily accumulate in the hallway. But if you plan your storage carefully you can make the most of the space to keep all the odds and ends at bay.

Find a Home for Your Footwear

A shoe cupboard is a simple way to keep footwear neat and tidy. They're attractive pieces of furniture which not only provide a great way to keep shoes off the floor, a shoe rack also allows shoes to air dry - perfect after a long walk or run!

Mobel Oak Shoe Cupboard | Roseland Furniture
Mobel Oak Tall Shoe Cupboard
Take a look at our shoe cupboards

De-clutter with a Sideboard

A hallway sideboard or cupboard can easily accommodate keys or post as well as plenty of knick-knacks. The drawers are fantastic for keeping small items neatly out of the way and the cupboards perfect those bigger objects that never seem to find a home. If you're short on space, a mini sideboard can be the perfect solution.

Alba Oak Sideboard | Roseland Furniture
Alba Oak Large Sideboard
Check out our selection of sideboards

Double-up with Storage and Seating

If you want to play an ace card and make double use of the space, a storage bench is a great idea! It provides a handy home for shoes as well as a convenient place to perch whilst you put them on; a hallway bench really makes the most of the limited space.

Signature Grey Hallway Bench | Roseland Furniture
Signature Grey Hallway Storage Bench
Shop storage benches

Create the Illusion of Space with a Mirror

Long narrow spaces can sometimes feel a little claustrophobic. A mirror is a simple and effective way to create a feeling of space. Plus, who doesn't like a quick glance at themselves on the way out of the door?! Our range of wall hanging solid wood and oak framed mirrors offer a great option.

Mobel Oak Wall Mirror | Roseland Furniture
Mobel Oak Wall Mirror
Wall hanging mirrors

Consider Lighting

If you have a space that will allow it, a stunning centrepiece light fitting can really finish things off beautifully. If natural light is limited, a good hallway light is a must - no one wants to be fumbling about putting their shoes on in the dark! If a large ceiling light isn't right, lamps can be a great way to light up the space in a cosy, homely way.

Hallway Lighting | Roseland Furniture Our range of lights

Narrow Bookcases are Your Friend

A narrow bookcase or shelving unit is the perfect answer if you're short of space in your hallway. They naturally make the perfect home for books (which can make a hallway feel cosy and reduce some of the echo) but they're also the perfect place for plants or other ornaments which will finish the space off nicely. Many of our bookcases and shelving units are slim meaning they're a fantastic option for long, narrow spaces such as hallways.

Windsor Cream Slim Bookcase | Roseland Furniture
Windsor Cream Slim Bookcase
Shop narrow bookcases

Make the Most of Your Understairs Space

Most hallways have some really valuable space under the staircase - don't let it go to waste! Perhaps it's boxed off as a cupboard, in which case, fantastic. If not though, there are plenty of options. A small laptop desk could work well under there to create a mini workstation - perfect for quickly checking your emails or putting an online shop together. You might even consider putting a wine rack under there!

Coastal Chic Wine Rack | Roseland Furniture
Coastal Chic Wine Rack
Have a look at our wine racks

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