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We've created this straightforward guide to help you select the correct bed frame for your mattress.

Selecting the right size bed frame for your mattress can be a bit of a daunting task. Get it right, and you're all set for years of blissful nights' sleep, get it wrong and you'll be spending many nights counting those sheep! We've created this guide to help you select the correct bed frame for your mattress.

Standard UK Mattress Sizes


All our bed frames are named according to standard UK mattress sizes. Measure the length and width of your mattress and check which bed size below it corresponds with:

Metric Size (WxL) Imperial Size (WxL)
Super King 180cm x 200cm 6' x 6'6"
King Size 150cm x 200cm 5' x 6'6"
Double 135cm x 190cm 4'6" x 6'3"
Small Double 120cm x 190cm 4' x 6'3"
Single 90cm x 190cm  3' x 6'3"



How Big is a Single Bed?


A UK single bed measures 190cm long by 90cm wide (6'3" long by 3' wide). A single bed is perfect to use as a spare room bed - particularly in a smaller room. Two singles can be combined to make twin beds. Single beds are also ideal for children's rooms.



How Big is a Small Double Bed?


A UK small double bed is 120cm long by 190cm wide (that's 4' wide by 6'3" long). A small double is great if you sleep alone and want a bit of extra space to spread out. Small doubles are also a good option if you're short of space.



How Big is a Double Bed?


A standard UK double bed is 135cm wide by 190cm long (4'6" wide by 6'3" long).

A double bed is probably the most popular sized bed - its dimensions are extremely versatile. A double is perfect if you're tight on space but still need enough room for two to share a bed. It's also a fantastic option if you sleep alone but enjoy a bit of extra space to stretch out.


How Big is a King Size Bed?


A UK king size bed measures 150cm wide by 200cm long (5' wide by 6'6" long).

A king-size bed is a great option if you like a little extra space in bed but your bedroom isn't big enough for a super king bed.

King size beds have the added bonus that they're slightly longer than doubles - this is something worth bearing in mind if you're over 6' tall.



How Big is a Super King Bed?


A standard UK super king size mattress measures 180cm wide by 200cm long (that's 6' wide by 6'6" long).

Super king mattresses are the largest standard UK size and provide loads of space for 2 people to sleep.

If you spend a lot of time in bed or if you appreciate an extra bit of room when you sleep, then a super king bed frame could be the right choice for you.



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