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Dining Tables

Dining Tables

Whether you're creating your dream dining room to host family gatherings and dinner parties, or you're looking to make the most of the space in your kitchen-diner, choosing a great dining table and chairs is key.

We've put together this useful guide to help you through the process of creating your perfect eating space! We've also got a great range of solid wood dinner tables as well as stylish painted dining tables.

How will you use your table?


If you like to have all the family around or to throw large dinner parties, then a large dining table would be a wise choice - we'd recommend choosing the largest the space available will allow. If, on the other hand, you tend to just eat with your nearest and dearest and prefer small, cosy dinners, you might look at a small dining table.


What style is right for the room?


Think about the style of the space - is it modern or traditional? Solid wood and oak dining tables can bring a rustic, homely look to the space. Alternately if your space is more contemporary, a modern or industrial style dining room table could be the answer.


Think of the space available


Decide how you want to use your space - is the room going to be solely for dining or will it serve another purpose? If the dining table will be the centrepiece of the room, then choose something which will stand out in the space. On the other hand, if you want to save some space for other pieces, choose a more compact table.

💡 Handy Tip: If you're short on space but still need space for more people from time to time, why not think about an extending dining table? Flip-top dining tables offer a great means of extending the table as and when required. Some of our dining ranges also have the option of purchasing an additional leaf to make an extendable dining table.


How many people do you need to seat?


Have a think about how many people you'd like to seat at your table. We recommend allowing a width of 50-60cm per person (although you can allow more than this if you want to create a spacious eating environment). You'll also need to consider where the legs on the table are and factor their position into your calculations.

Rectangular Dining Tables


Rectangular dining tables are perhaps the most common style and offer a versatile way to use your dining space. A rectangle-shaped dinner table can be easily placed against the wall to save space and moved to the centre of the room when you require additional seating. Many of our rectangular tables also serve as extendable tables.


Width Length Seats approx
75cm 100cm 2
90cm 150cm 4-6
100cm 180cm 6-8
110cm 250cm 8-10
140cm 300cm 10-12



Square Dining Tables


Square dining tables provide a simple and stylish way to utilise limited space. They can be pushed neatly against a wall or into a corner if you only need to seat two people. This allows the dining space to be used for other things. Square dinner tables can then be pulled into the centre of the room when you need to seat more people.


Width Length Seats approx
90cm 90cm 2-4
120cm 120cm 4-6
150cm 150cm 6-8
180cm 180cm 8-12


Round Dining Tables


A Round dining table makes a fantastic centrepiece to the dining room. They make for great dinner parties as everyone's facing each other allowing the conversation to flow! Circular dining tables also make it easier to squeeze a few extra unexpected dinner guests!


Diameter Seats approx
90cm 3-4
120cm 4-6
150cm 7-8


Don't forget the chairs


Padded seat or solid? Chairs or benches? This all comes down to personal choice - solid seats are easy to wipe clean, so are great if spillages are a problem. Padded seats offer more comfort, however. Benches can be a great option if you occasionally need to squeeze the extra guest in and are perfect if you have children to feed! You could also consider a mix-and-match approach and go for a combination.



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