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TV Stands

TV Stands

Finding a TV unit that's the right size for your screen can be a daunting task. That's why we've put together this handy guide so you can find the ideal media unit.

The TV is an important part of most modern living spaces and whether you use it for watching your favourite TV shows, movies, gaming or a combination of them all, having the perfect media unit helps you make the most of the space.

Understanding TV screen sizes


It may sound obvious, but finding the size of your TV is a pretty critical step to make sure you get the correct TV stand and it's not as straightforward as you might think.

The advertised size of TVs is almost always given in inches measured diagonally from corner to corner. So if you have a 54" screen, it will be 54 inches from the top right corner to the bottom left. It's definitely worth remembering though that this measurement won't include the size of the frame or bezel around the screen - it's just the screen itself.

The size of TV stands, however, is given as the width from side to side. Because of the difference in the way they're measured, this means that the two measurements don't correspond - the size of TV stand your television will fit on will often be less than the diagonal measurement of the screen.


How to measure your TV


The actual width of TV screens is sometimes tricky to find - if you can, it's best to measure your screen from side to side with a tape measure. This isn't always possible though especially if you're ordering a TV stand for a brand new TV that's not arrived yet. You might want to check the manufacturer or retailer's website as they often give the actual size tucked away in the product specifications.


Find the right size TV stand for your screen


Not only will having the right sized TV stand make your screen look great, but it also ensures your screen is safe. Placing a screen on a TV stand that is too small can be dangerous. Try to leave a little space either side of your screen - in case you need to get around the back for any reason. 

If you've not been able to find the specific width of your TV, we've made a handy table below. It's a guide only and we always recommend measuring your TV, but it will give you a good idea.

 Screen Size (Diagonal) Minimum Recommended TV Stand Size
40" 90cm
42" 95cm
50" 110cm
55" 120cm
60" 135cm
67" 150cm
70" 160cm
75" 170cm
80" 180cm
85" 190cm
90" 200cm



Large TV Stands

Large TV units are perfect if you've got a screen larger than 60". A large TV stand is perfect for the living area if you've got plenty of space. This type of TV unit/entertainment centre often offers storage space too such as drawers, cupboards and shelves. Also look out for cable management holes so you can keep all your wires neatly out of the way!



Medium TV Stands

A medium TV unit is a really versatile piece of furniture and can be the perfect answer if you need to make the most of your space. Not only are they great in the living room, but a medium TV stand can be perfect in the conservatory or if you have a family room or games room.


Small TV Stands

Not only are they perfect if you have a small TV, but a small TV unit is a great option for a bedroom or children's room. The storage can be a really useful addition to the room.


Corner TV Stands

A real favourite here at Roseland Furniture! Corner TV units are brilliant space-savers. They tuck away neatly into the corner and make the most of the space. They are great for small to mid-size TVs and corner TV stands often offer generous storage space too. If you want to make the most of the space in your living room, a corner TV cabinet could be the way to go.



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