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Accent Tables 101: 5 Tips to Make Them Work for You

Accent Tables 101: 5 Tips to Make Them Work for You

How to Make the Most of an Accent Table

When planning a room, it's often the finishing touches that make all the difference. Accent tables (side tables, console tables, coffee tables) are a great way to add to the look of a room and are fantastically practical pieces of furniture. We've put together our top tips to help make sure you make the most of your space with an accent table.

1. Make a coffee table the heart of your living room

Zelah Oak Coffee Table with Baskets | Roseland Furniture
Zelah Oak Coffee Table with Baskets

The coffee table has got to be the quintessential accent table! For many of us the living room is the modern-day heart of the home – whether we’re watching a film with the family or enjoying drinks at home with friends, the lounge is the focal point for a lot of leisure time. A coffee table makes the perfect centrepiece to this space. Perfect for wine glasses, remotes, magazines and more – a coffee table is an essential piece of living room furniture!

💡 Handy tip: Get some seriously useful extra storage by adding a coffee table with drawers or baskets.

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2. Be prepared for guests with a nest of tables

Windsor Cream Nest of Tables | Roseland Furniture
Windsor Cream Nest of Tables

Extra surfaces are always handy in the home and being able to neartly tuck them away when they’re not in use is a massive bonus! A nest of tables allows just this – use the tables for drinks, snacks, card games or however you need to. Then when you’re done, slip the tables neatly away under one another for next time. The ultimate space saving table solution! Our range of nesting tables includes nests of 2 tables and nests of 3 tables.

Check out Our Range of Nesting Tables

3. Make the most of a narrow space with a console table

Alba Oak Console Table | Roseland Furniture
Alba Oak Console Table

If you've got a narrow space in a hallway or at the back of a sofa, a console table is a great way to utilise it. The surface is a grreat place for plants or photos and you can really add to the storage in the room if you choose one with drawers. Many of our console tables also featre a self beneath adding yet more storage to the table.

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4. Keep your bedroom clutter free with a bedside table

Falmouth Oak Bedside Table | Roseland Furniture
Falmouth Oak 2 Drawer Bedside Table

We tend to think of the living room when it comes to accent tables, but a bedside table is a fantastic way to add a finishing touch to your sleeping quarters. They not only provide a useful surface for a glass of water and a lamp, but also offer storage to keep the side of your bed clutter free! Bedside tables with drawers provide a great amount of storage space to keep clutter out of sight. Nightstand style bedside cabinets usually have a handy shelf - perfect for books and magazines.

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